The Kasvan House is a web application for students and teachers in K-12 Education and in early childhood. Kasvan makes learning fun and motivating by gamifying the entire curriculum and making learning visible. With Kasvan the ownership of the learning moves to the student himself. Core concept of the application is continuous self-assessment and reflection.

By using Kasvan, the student also builds himself critical life skills and understanding, like the 21st century skills.

Teachers get tools to easily manage the individual and group learning, while also having easy tools to manage targets and units based teaching.

Learning is like building a house. That’s why Kasvan organizes learning and the curriculum targets as a house, which builds with the new skills. Click the house on the right to see a full list of features.

How can I learn better

Finding my way to learn

My students

manage their own learnings

Yet another IT system?

Is it worth the trouble?


Tools for the teacher

Planning and tracking the learning

Value for education

Increased value

from the school

Teenager student

Prepare for life

I'm getting ready for life!

Curriculum objectives

into practice

Learning is like playing a game

But it's real life!


As a parent

I understand what my children learn

"I Grow"

Kasvan was originally created by Kati Nevatalo, a Finnish classroom teacher with extensive experience also from early childhood education. “Kasvan” is finnish, and it means “I grow” . This describes the culture and spirit of the application and the company very well. I grow as a learner throughout my life and I grow as a company to enable larger global impact in learning.

The drivers behind the Kasvan concept are most modern, globally researched, pedagogical models, where the student and the growth of the individual is always put in the center. The application applies the modern understanding how efficient learning happens. Same principles are widely targeted in the new Finnish Curriculum and other modern curricula.

Kasvan drives to solve one of the major global challenges of the modern society: How to improve the learning in schools, so that the graduates are better equipped for the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

  • 2014 - 2016 Concept created by a class room teacher
  • 2017 Company incorporated
  • Nov 2017 - Kasvan application launced as beta
  • Dec 2017 - City of Helsinki as the first customer

Core Team

Samuel Salmenlinna


Serial software entrepreneur with a current focus on education technology. Track record from variety of roles in the software industry in multiple domains. He has served as CEO, board member or in director positions successfully in multiple start-ups or SMEs.

+358-400-805-069 Contact

Kati Nevatalo

Founder, VP Pedagogy

The Founder and original creator of Kasvan. A classroom teacher background with multiple years experience also in early childhood education. Served as a domain expert teacher for the City of Helsinki with focus on assessment, portfolio-learning and applying the transversal competences.

+358-40-588-4127 Contact

Riku Tiira

Lead Developer

More than ten years of experience from complex web and mobile application development. Expertise in designing, architecting and agile implementation of large scalable back-end solutions, as well as from rapid development of web applications in various domains.

+358-45-132-1884 Contact

Anssi Kinnunen


DevOps, development-, deployment-, build- and infrastructure automation expert, as well as more than 10 years of backend and frontend development experience. Multiple years of experience in developing backend and infrastructure for scalable applications with complex integrations.

+358-40-561-4927 Contact


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