How can I learn better?

With Kasvan I have been able to increase my understanding about my own learning. That helps me to manage my learning also by myself. Understanding my targets, building portfolio of my learnings towards those targets, and getting feedback from my teacher enables me to manage my own learning.

Kasvan provides me constant feedback, when I’m learning or setting or modifying my targets. I always know what grade I’m targeting at in different topics, and how far I am, in reaching those goals.

Learning is fun when I can influence it myself. When I know my strengths and my areas of improvement, I can utilize my strengths in my learning and it’s easier to get support from my parents and the teacher in the area I struggle. Now I know how I learn the best and I feel so much more confident about learning and the school.

It’s also so fun to be able to see what and how I have learned before and what kind of things I will be learning in the future.

Prepare for life

Just using Kasvan helps me to become life-long learner

I understand the efficiency of goal oriented learning and continuous reflection and assessment. Self assessment and target setting are key skills to manage my learning in my life. Having the 21st Century Skills as part of the everyday learning supports me in acquiring those invaluable life skills, that are even more important than any of the individual subject matter topic. It does not matter if the 21st Century Skills are not part of the official curriculum, Kasvan has a special area dedicated to them. The very foundation of the Kasvan House, as the skills are the foundation of all learning. The foundation can also include values, that the school regards important for its graduates to have.

Kasvan is easy and fun to use and it supports me to find my own way to learn. I can learn differently than the others and still be successful in the school and in the life. The transparency in my learning also helps me to understand and share my own knowledge.

Kasvan stores my learning path and my portfolio, so that it will always be available for me to browse my history and see how I learned before. Even when I’m changing school, the data can follow me, and the new teachers will be able to know me better to support my continuous learning.

Learning is like playing a game

With Kasvan, learning is almost like playing a game, but it’s real life.

Setting goals

Typically, when I’m using Kasvan, my teacher has created and shared a learning context with me, with those goals from the curriculum, that the teacher feels are the most important to learn today / this week / this month / etc. I’ll then modify the goals so that my dashboard shows me the target grade I’m aiming at, utilizing my strengths and interest areas. This semester I’m aiming at 8.5 in our grading scale of 4 to 10.

I make sure that I believe that I’m able to reach the criteria for the targeted grade, if I work hard. I’ll provide my teacher a comment about how confident I am in this.

Progress and reaching goals

During the studies I’m building my portfolio and assessing my learning continuously. I report my assessment in Kasvan, and it immediately is telling me how well I have progressed. It feels like I’m playing a game and getting closer to the next level. Also my teacher and my parents can see (and comment) what have I achieved, so that they are able to support me with my studies.

When I’ve achieved my goals my teacher typically asks me to upgrade my targets. I can also study topics from higher grades if my grade is not challenging enough.

Students taking ownership of own learning

Kasvan makes all the learning goals in the curriculum tangible and visible for me and for the students. This enables me to plan my teaching in a very goal oriented manner, both at the individual and at the group level. I can constantly see, in real-time, what grade each student or the group is targeting at, and how well they have been progressing.

This is based on students understanding their goals, setting individual targets and assessing their learning constantly. It is so rewarding to see how the student are taking ownership of their own learning. I’m then able to easily verify and qualify the self-assessments based on the portfolios the students have created during the learning.

With this understanding about the learning I can communicate with, coach and support the students efficiently, and optimize my time for each student’s need. This also enables me to communicate the same with the parents and other teachers.

Tools for the teacher

Kasvan provides me with tools to easily manage learning units with multiple goals. That helps me to organize any combination of learning goals from single subjects to cross disciplinary units and the 21st century skills. I can plan and manage my teaching easily and later on see which teaching method has been the most efficient.

Kasvan is so easy to use that the students use it with ease. It also integrates to our other tools, such as Google Classroom, so it is natural to use it during the classes.

When the students are setting their own goals using Kasvan, I as the teacher, I have a dashboard view for all my groups and individual students.

I’m easily able to see for instance
  • are the targets unrealistic or too easy
  • who should I provide more guidance to, or who in the class can best provide peer support to others
  • how well the group / individual are progressing toward the goals
  • is the student’s portfolio reflecting the self assessment

At the end of semester I don’t anymore have the stress about setting the final grades for the students, as the assessment has been continuous and reflecting throughout the semester.

What kind of education is my child getting?

With Kasvan I can clearly see the goals set by my child and by the school. I can monitor my child's progress and learning in real-time. I see the instructive feedback given by the teacher and I know how my child is supported as an individual in the school. This helps me to understand when my child needs support and guidance from me. I can now better support her success. This increases my interest of my child’s education. such as

Seeing and understanding my child’s learning
  • targets, assessment, progress
  • portfolio
  • finally I understand what she’s learning right now
  • up-to-date understanding how well she’s achieving her goals
  • I can have a fruitful conversation with my child about school, not just the typical: How was the school today? ...good
How can I help and support?
  • should I invest in private classes?
  • I want to help, but I don’t know how and when. But now I know, because I have the transparency into the learning
  • I can support timely and the right way
How is my child being supported in the school?
  • easier to communicate with the teacher
  • I want to make sure my child is getting all the opportunities as other children and is being treated equally
  • I can see the teacher assessments
  • I can comment on those
  • I can see how my child is treated as individual and how her strengths are taken into account
More value for the school, teachers, parents, students...

As a principal, by job is to constantly find new ways to provide more value to the school stakeholders like the students, the parents, the national education administration, and the school board and owners.

Students are getting better learning results and better tools and skills for the future education and the working life.

As parents gets better understanding what the students are learning and what to expect from the student and the school, the perceived value from the school is higher.

Data for Learning Analytics

Kasvan produces large amount of data of the learning and the teaching as a “side product”. This data enables the analyses of, for instance:

  • Which teaching methods are working the best, and thus find, enhance, and share best teaching practices.
  • Which students need more assistance.
  • How well the curriculum is being followed
  • Which subjects motivates / demotivates the students the most
  • Are the school values and 21st Century Skills part of daily education

The data (once collected enough by the school) can also be utilized to predict many things, such as, success in school, learning difficulties, and even social exclusion or potential drop-outs.

Increase the value of earlier LMS investment

Kasvan increases the value of earlier LMS investments, as it is not overlapping with the administrative LMS tools, but focuses on the highest pedagogical value throughout the entire curriculum. Kasvan is easy to integrate with the LMS tools and it also integrates with popular classroom tools such as Google Classroom.

Curriculum objectives

Kasvan concretizes the curriculum and makes the individual and group learning, and the way to teach, visible and transparent. This gives me the tools to support my staff in a timely manner and tools for the staff to timely support the students. This ensures that the education in our school is as good as possible and equal to all learners. We can also effectively share the best teaching practices and thus improve our level of education gradually. The increased visibility and understanding of learning also sets the parents' expectations of the education to the correct level. In this way, parents also perceive higher value from the school.

Kasvan strengthens the guiding role of assessment and reflection in the learning process. The role of this feedback is to stimulate inner motivation: the student feels that his / her learning process is brought forward. Assessment makes the goals visible and how the pupil moves towards them, whereby the teacher and the students themselves are able to guide their own learning. In addition to assessing an individual, the assessment is made visible in the context of community learning and joint information creation. Kasvan provides an evolving and diversified feedback system that supports the student’s own progress and helps the student to make independent decisions."

Ubiquous Learning

It's not only the classroom, where the learning happens. Kasvan supports location independent learning. I.e. learning can happen anywhere, all the time, and in many different ways. The imporant thing is to know the goals and have the capability to build portfolio and assess any time, anywhere.

Any Curriculum

With Kasvan I can be sure that the entire curriculum is being followed and educated. Kasvan can be applied with any curricula and the school can even modify and create its own version of the curriculum.

Yet another IT system?

I want to have as few IT systems to manage as possible. Nor the users want to log into multiple systems or have multiple credentials.

Taking Kasvan into use in our school from the ICT organization perspective is worth the trouble. Firstly the trouble is actually very minimal, almost non-existent. Secondly the pedagogical staff and the school management see the value so high that even higher on-boarding effort would be easily justified.

A few principles, that the IT staff love
  • Kasvan is cloud based, i.e. no installation needed
  • Simple and ready integration to any SSO provider (e.g. Google, Azure AD, any other)
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data storage residence can be selected from any continent
  • Integrates with Google Classroom
  • Support for shared devices
  • Works with all most popular devices, laptops, desktops, smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads...
  • It's proven to work and comply with security standards applicable for K-12 Education