Business Finland: Kasvan makes learning transparent

Kasvan makes learning transparent - in Finland, Singapore and beyond

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One Finnish teacher’s reaction to the constantly increasing requirements for education and the lack of tools to bring pedagogical theory into practice sparked a business with global potential. Thanks to Team Finland network contacts, Kasvan could fast track their international plans and enter Singapore with the world’s largest K-12 education operator.

Bringing new types of continuous assessment to the classrooms along with student-centered learning methods are key elements of modern education. In Finland, these goals are highlighted in the new curriculum issued in 2016 and Kasvan was born around the same time as the answer to concretely implementing the change into everyday practices.

“Our solution makes learning transparent and invests students in the planning and assessment of their personal learning while teachers can follow the progress and help the students in the right direction,” says Kati Nevatalo, VP of Pedagogy at Kasvan.

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